Boats: Partyship Sailboa, Saloon Boat Elvira and Amber

Navigo sails with three historical boats around Amsterdam. Each boat has its own personality. Event ship Sailboa as a trendy vintage industrial ship, and Saloon Boat Elvira as an elegant Swiss lady. The classic Saloon Boat Amber is recently restored perfect for small get togethers.

Saloon boat


Saloon boat Amber in the waters of Amsterdam Navigo

A Classic newly restored saloon boat dated from 1920, suitable for 2 to 12 people. Navigo Amsterdam rents out the Amber for sailing trips on the wider waters around Amsterdam. Read more…

Saloon boat


Saloon boat Elvira sailes in Amsterdam waters perfect for business and personal events Rederij Navigo

Saloon boat Elvira was built in 1938 to serve as a ferry over the Swiss lakes. The elegance and panoramic view give this ship its special character. She has only been in Amsterdam since 2016. Read more…

Event ship


Event ship Sailboa sailing in IJmeer special events Rederij Navigo

Partyship Sailboa is a traditional industrial ship, with an authentic vintage look and feel. Characteristic elements were preserved. Yet modern comforts were added. Bar, underfloor heating, toilets, and removable furniture let you relax and enjoy your event.  Read more…