Business Event – meeting, presentation, workshop, mini congress

A unique venue for a business meeting, training, small conference, presentation, or casual meetup with colleagues and partners. The setting can be adjusted to a more formal or more informal atmosphere. Boat tours boost creativity, loosen up, bound, clarify, energize, and have the general tendency to cause a smile.

Our boats offer the unique opportunity to combine business and pleasure. After a focussed a meeting inside of the Sailboa, your group can enjoy the pleasure of sailing outside. Or meet at the Elvira and have the skyline of Amsterdam as a background. Every event can be catered to your wishes.


  • Heating
  • Toilets
  • Electricity
  • Microphone
  • Flexible furniture – arrange it as you wish
  • Bar
  • Kitchen facilities


  • Tailor-made events
  • Roundtrip or transfer from A to B
  • Catering: from finger food to a fancy dinner or casual barbecue
  • Combine sailing with activities a shore

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